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World’s first personal vitamin tracker


Taking care of your body from the inside is as important as taking care of it from the outside. It does not matter if you are a professional athlete or a trainer, a medical worker, a caring mother, a pregnant woman, or a senior citizen – you need to know your body. Vitastiq is an innovative gadget that will help you track 26 vitamins and minerals in your body. It is painless and gives you the possibility to track your vitamin trend anywhere, anytime.

What is it all about?

The Vitastiq pen works with a free app to indicate your general vitamin and mineral trend. The pen is non-invasive and painless. Vitastiq shows the summary of your vitamin and mineral readings, allowing you to track the general trend of 26 nutrients over time. To support your fit lifestyle, it also provides information about vitamins and minerals and their natural sources.


Vitastiq connects the EAV methodology to your smartphone. The EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll) was researched by German medical doctor Reinhard Voll and his team. They established that acupuncture points differ from the surrounding skin and have higher electrical conductivity.

The work

We developed a compact electronic device for measuring and processing signals obtained via the users’ skin. Vitastiq communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0 interface and boosts a long battery life. To reduce the manufacturing costs, we implemented a custom Bluetooth 4.0 circuit instead of using a more expensive pre-certified module.  After the design was complete, we helped Vitastiq obtain FCC, CE, and TELEC regulatory certification. Our cooperation at these points has been related to the vitamin and mineral balance.