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The smartest solution for the vending business


If you are in a hotel, a café, a restaurant business and similar establishments, or if you take part in both the public and the private sector, and you have (or you are about to have) a vending business (e.g., for your company or association) you are well aware of the costs of the upkeep and organizing your workflow. But what if we tell you that you can optimize your work, cut your costs, decrease truck loads and machine visits, increase sales and have a great platform for running ads or interacting with your customers? Televend is the little data-collecting box that makes it all happen.

What is it all about?

Televend is total vending telemetry, sales, and marketing solution that makes vending businesses smart, interactive, and manageable online. It consists of a device that is physically installed inside the vending machine. The device allows the owner to collect and monitor all important data.


The work

INTIS, the company that stands behind the Televend, needed our help in designing the Televend hardware. Since the beginning of our collaboration, the hardware mentioned was produced in more than 200,000 units and shipped worldwide. This project is an excellent example of our expertise in designing robust industrial electronics where reliability is important as it keeps running costs low. As well as hardware design, we helped design production jigs and tools for quality control and supported them during product certification.

The outcome

INTIS has become a prominent player in the vending machine business by equipping more than 150,000 vending machines with the Televend box. We are still their development partner and help INTIS with new Televend designs.

"We chose to work with Byte Lab because they have great experience with hardware design and electronics manufacturing technology."

Zdenko Brlecic

CTO @ Televend