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June Energy

Camera-based smart meter



Whether you´re part of a local government or owner of a private real estate, if you want sustainable and green living and optimization of costs and energy consumption, you need to have a June by your side.

June is a camera based smart meter that looks for the best market prices and automatically switches you between energy suppliers. Based on your personal preferences and consumption, June advises you on the smartest investments to improve your home energy management while saving you money on your energy tariff.

June wants to accelerate the energy transition through engagement with the end consumer, creating products and services addressing their needs while improving the way the current energy system works. The goal is to prepare the market for a 100% sustainable energy market.

What is it all about?

June offers insight into individual power consumption and provides access to all information relevant to the contract, energy tariff, and savings. Based on your usage, June seeks out the ideal energy supplier for your particular situation. It offers insight into your energy usage, tips & advice, as well as access to all documents relevant to your power supply. In the event of a rate change, June informs you of its effect on your energy expenses and automatically connects you to a cheaper supplier.

The work

The Belgian company Smart Utility chose us as their development partner because we successfully demonstrated OCR capabilities in a similar application built for reading analog water meters. We quickly developed electronic modules for taking photos and transferring images from analog counters to the cloud. The system was developed using cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of mass production.


A good example of optimization of the manufacturing price is the custom antenna design, which reduced the antenna’s price by 70%. Another example is using the same printed circuit board for both camera and gateway devices. Apart from its development, we have continued our successful cooperation with Smart Utility by taking over production and quality control duties for June.

The outcome

With Byte Lab’s help, Smart Utility succeeded in creating a camera-based smart meter. Byte Lab delivered over 20,000 pieces in only one year after June was launched and continues to manufacture the device for Smart Utility.

"We needed a partner with expertise in electronics and software and we had to prepare for mass production. Byte Lab has proven perfect for the job."

Vincent De Dobbeleer

CEO @ Smart Utility