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Portable Table Lamp


At Byte Lab, we take great pride in building lasting relationships with our satisfied customers. It is a testament to our past success and a constant source of inspiration for us. Having previously collaborated with Grupa, a renowned creator of an extensive range of lighting products, we were thrilled to embark on another exciting design challenge for their latest offering. 

What is it all about?

As part of their efforts to broaden their product portfolio, Grupa approached Byte Lab to develop the electronics design for their latest offering, the Igram Portable Table Lamp. This innovative battery-operated portable lamp boasts a sleek and minimalist design, while also providing exceptional battery life.


Our primary objective was to meet the design and space constraints while ensuring seamless control of the lamp’s operations through touch detection technology. 

Igram Lampa

The work

The design journey of the Igram Portable Table Lamp began from scratch, with a strong emphasis on minimalism. We made a deliberate decision to approach the design purely from a hardware perspective, while still meeting all of our client’s requirements. Our team integrated an easily accessible USB connector, allowing the lamp to be used continuously, as well as fast charging capabilities for convenient wireless everyday use. To enhance the user experience, we implemented low battery detection and indication using the primary light source. Through meticulous hardware design optimization, we ensured maximum battery utilization, resulting in a long lifetime. The inclusion of touch detection technology further enhanced the lamp’s functionality. 


With the core of the lamp complete, we shifted our focus to designing the light source itself, aiming to achieve an elegant appearance and a smooth light distribution for an optimal lighting experience. 

Igram Lamp

The outcome

Upon accepting the project, we delivered electronic and mechanical designs that met the specific requirements and desired functionalities of our customers. The Igram Portable Table Lamp is now being distributed to homes, hotels and restaurants, not only in Croatia, but also worldwide. 

"After the successful completion of the Baluna project in collaboration with Byte Lab, we chose to entrust them with the electronics hardware design for the Igram Portable Table Lamp. Once more, we found their expertise, knowledge, and efficiency perfectly aligned with our requirements."

Luka Pavić

Business Manager @ Grupa Studio