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High-accuracy GPS lap timer



Crossbox is a high-accuracy GPS lap timer made for all kinds of racing sports. It takes training and performance to the next level by diving deep into analytics like lap times, acceleration, braking activity, line choice, or heart rates during the session.

What is it all about?

You can easily record your session on the Crossbox CBX20 GPS tracker. Mount the Crossbox CBX20 on your helmet, start recording, and ride your laps. For advanced beneficial information, the CBX20 lets you link your heart rate chest strap to gain important body data (CBX20 is compatible with Bluetooth heart rate sensors like the Polar H10 chest strap).

After the ride, transfer the recorded data to your smartphone for analysis and sync the recorded data with your Crossbox smartphone app. Once you have imported your session into the app, Crossbox suggests existing track configurations that other users have created at this location. Crossbox also provides in-depth analytics which will help you reduce lap times instantly. Furthermore, you can see how you rank on the track leaderboard because Crossbox is the #1 platform for social racing.


  • check icon Mobile app independent
  • check icon Location tracking
  • check icon Laps and sections counting
  • check icon BLE 5.0 connectivity
  • check icon Acceleration and braking
  • check icon WiFi connectivity
  • check icon Compatibility with HR monitoring devices
  • check icon 8 hours battery life in GPS mode
  • check icon Jumps monitoring

The Work

Byte Lab was responsible for the whole product development, both the mechanic and the electrical engineering. The design goal for Crossbox was to achieve the best possible GNSS performance for the available device size. We have achieved this by selecting the biggest patch antenna which fits in the enclosure to improve efficiency and gain. Also, careful attention was given to preserving the axial ratio of the antenna to reject reflected GNSS signals.

Furthermore, a custom multisection shield was developed to completely shield the electronics from the GNSS receiver, and from the antenna itself to eliminate EMI degrading the performance.

Besides the GNNS antenna, the device features both the Bluetooth and WiFi antennas. They were measured to ensure proper isolation between them.
In the end, the device archives excellent GNNS performance, records session data into internal 8GB memory and has 8 hours of battery life.

The Outcome

Soon after the market launch, Crossbox was sold in thousands of units and continued to achieve market success being used by top motocross athletes.

“I prefer developing with Byte Lab due to their flexibility and development speed. Byte Lab has managed to develop a device with amazing GPS performance above the industry standard.”

Nino Richter

Founder / CEO @ Crossbox