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Gas meter goes online


The possibility of remote reading of the existing gas meters should have been implemented in every household, company, or public building years ago. Not only does it decrease the cost of the procedure itself, but it also simplifies the whole procedure.


After realizing what the market needs were, we started developing a device that would enable remote reading on existing gas meters. Our solution was particularly interesting for the market because it allowed the use of existing gas infrastructure, and there was no need to replace the gas meter.

The work

The initial development took just under a year and involved the process from the initial idea to the production of the zero series, which was then certified.


The development was followed by a standard process that began with the development of detailed technical specifications. What followed was a proof-of-concept phase in which our goal was to design devices compatible with different types of gas meters. Upon completion of this phase, we realized that the only way to achieve the compact dimensions of the device was to, instead of using commercially available communication modules, engage in the development of our solution.


This initiates the phase of making 3F prototypes (form fit function). This later proved to be a decision that extended development, but also enabled faster production and delivery of devices because we did not depend on manufacturers of communication modules, but our chip solution.


After the completion of the 3F phase, we approached the certification of the device as well as the beginning of the industrialization phase. As part of this phase, an accompanying production process was developed so that each device could be tested to ensure the highest quality standard.

The outcome

We achieved our goal of developing a small compact device that could be easily and quickly mounted on gas meters on the Croatian market in order to reduce the cost of digitization of mentioned existing gas meters.


The development was realized by the own capacities of the Byte Lab Group, while the production was supported by the equipment and the resources of the sister company B.L. Manufacturing. We are especially proud of the fact that we have completed the process of development, verification, and production in Croatia.