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Collaborating with the product designers is always a great pleasure and a perfect way to show our creativity and resourcefulness. One of the examples of collaboration that we are most proud of is the one with Grupa, a Croatian design studio and a manufacturer of quality handmade products focused on lighting design. After a decade of being successful and award-winning designers, in 2012 they became the manufacturers of their products. Their products are distinguished by innovative design, minimalism, functionality, and flexibility to one’s own choice. Each one is carefully assembled by hand, ensuring that their lamps not only emit light but reflect the highest level of craftsmanship.

What is it all about?

Grupa approached Byte Lab with the request for a lamp dimmer with compact dimensions which needed to fit the proposed dimension. An additional challenge was to achieve full CE compliance and dimming compatibility with various LED bulbs. Besides space and electronic requirements, we needed to deliver a unique user experience focused on rotation experience dimming sequence.

The work

Existing dimmer design had several problems, the biggest of which was passing the EMC conducted emissions test. We took the job of modifying the dimmer to pass the compliance tests, while at the same time maintaining its compact size. Next, we modified the dimmer to provide a more graceful dimming experience with multiple LED bulbs from top manufacturers. Finally, the production jig was developed to ensure quality of all manufactured units.

The outcome

We took over the project and in a short period, we delivered a design that completely satisfied customers’ certification and demanded functionality. Lamps with dimmers we have designed are being delivered to the likes of Google and top hotels on the Croatian coast. 

"Byte Lab was our partner of choice for developing an integrated dimming module for the Baluna collection by Grupa. The task has been successfully completed despite serious space constraints while keeping compliance with CE standards at the same time."

Luka Pavić

Business manager @ Grupa