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Prototyping & Manufacturing

Speed up your production by having only one manufacturing vendor.

Byte Lab PCB

About Prototyping & Manufacturing

By offering manufacturing services, Byte Lab offers you a full turnkey solution for electronics product design. Thanks to the fully integrated in-house manufacturing, we can go from an idea to a prototype 40% faster than our competitors! We are eliminating common bottlenecks in electronics design by having two stage production lines. The first is in-house prototype manufacturing equipment which allows us to produce prototypes on the same day when the design is ready. The second area of our investment is in the production line for low to medium volume production, goal of which is to speed up the ramping process before high volume production (>25kpcs/year). This way we eliminate the waiting time associated with external electronic manufacturing service companies. Feel the speed of our production line.


Fast prototyping

In-house prototype production

Our experience, combined with in-house equipment allows us to test out ideas quickly. We have professional equipment for rapid PCB prototyping, 3D printers and a pick & place machine just to name a few. This allows us to manufacture the same day without waiting in line of contract manufacturers.


Large stock of components

Our in-house warehouse contains more than 4500 different components which are at our disposal. For typical components, we do not wait for distributors to deliver. On top of that, we receive new component shipments daily. Our warehouse is managed by a modern stock inventory software.


Skilled technicians

Nothing would be possible without a team of skilled technicians. They operate the equipment, solder the prototypes and inspect them to quickly find and resolve faults. Our most experienced technician has 35 years of experience in the electronics industry and enjoys sharing his invaluable experience with his younger peers.



Profit from our experience in supply chain management

The hard truth is that 80% of designs fail on the first try during certification testing. To avoid delays and extra costs associated with re-testing, ByteLab does extensive pre-compliance testing of all designs. From radiated pre-scans to conducted emissions and ESD, we greatly reduce the risk of failing tests during certification.


Rapid redesign in case of obsolete or long lead time components

Being an engineering company allows us to bypass problems with obsolete or long lead time components by doing rapid redesigns of affected circuits.


In-circuit test / functional test design

Important part of manufacturing is quality control. This is an area in which ByteLab excels. We have vast experience in developing testing methods which ensure that each produced unit functions perfectly.