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Product Development

Turnkey solution for transforming your idea into the final product.

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About Product Development

You have an idea for an electronic product that you want to bring to the market? This is what we do in Byte Lab. By covering the whole process from an idea to manufacturing, you will work with a single partner during the whole activity. Together, we will define product requirements, from which we can start the development of a product prototype. Over the last decade, we have successfully designed hundreds of products that have been produced in millions of units. After prototype validation, we start with product industrialization, a crucial phase of product development in which we enable product deployment and compliance for different markets in a cost-effective way. Viola, then you are on the move – contact your sales team and create our next success story!

product development
product development

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Types of Products

  • check icon IoT industrial electronics
  • check icon Electronic based products
  • check icon Telemetry system

How we work

Product Development Process

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    Initial workshop

    During the initial workshop we study the requirements and offer a solution or a Feasibility study if more research is needed

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    Feasibility study

    Feasibility studies are a great way to research possibilities, how much design effort is needed and at what price

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    Specification clearly defines what will be delivered and guides the development process

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    Prototyping phase

    The outcome of the prototyping phase is a device which has the same form, fit and function as the production device

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    Verification phase

    This phase is a crucial part of development in which device operation is rigorously tested against the specification

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    Industrialization phase

    This phase prepares the device for manufacturing. It includes mould construction, test jig development, certification etc.

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    Final Acceptance Test

    FAT is conducted to ensure that requirements from the specification or contract are met