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Engineering Services

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Engineering services

About Engineering Services

Do you need an engineering team with a proven track record? Welcome to Byte Lab. With a focus on embedded systems, we have successfully delivered over 200 projects in various industries ranging from consumer electronics to industrial systems. This is why our customers say that we are experts in this field. We have a growing team of highly motivated experts in electronics development, software engineering, mechanics, manufacturing, and certification processes for different markets.


Consulting & Digital Transformation

Start your digital transformation with a validated partner

The digitalization path holds a tremendous promise of innovation in many industries and organizations that are scrambling to implement IoT technologies. The right path is to ask: “How can we introduce IoT in a relevant way that will boost our business models?”

Answer those questions by choosing a validated partner who will lead you through the whole journey: from digital transformation to IoT development and the support with the manufacturing of IoT devices


Choosing the right (technology) approach for the right application

IoT transformation is not a one-way road. It has multiple paths, and it is crucial to define the right one at the beginning. We see clients who are inspired by all the hype about the accomplishments of others, but there are also many quiet failures. According to Cisco, only 40% of IoT projects make it from pilot to production, and only 26% of companies called at least one of their IoT projects a complete success. Due to our experience in different industry niches, we can help you in choosing the right path and optimal technologies for your next IoT project.


Due diligence of the existing IoT solution

When due to a limited budget or project timeline, the development of the customized IoT solution is not feasible, the only option is to implement an existing off-the-shelf solution. In order to avoid the deployment of inadequate solutions and later expensive recalls, let us investigate and inspect the chosen solution for you.

Embedded Hardware Engineer

Embedded Hardware Development

Analog & Digital

Over the years we have designed many circuits like DC-to-DC converters, communication interfaces, sensors, microcontrollers, signal processing chains etc. The trend in recent years has been


Wireless design

Most of the devices we have designed have some kind of wireless connectivity. Wireless technologies we have worked with include 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Lora, Sigfox, proprietary 868MHz, RFID, NFC and GPS.


Cost- effectiveness

We select minimum-priced components while keeping quality in mind. For example, we don’t use expensive RF modules or pricey off-the-shelf antennas when we can design these cheaper in house. Cost-effectiveness is where experience pays off, we know what works and at what price.


Embedded Software Development

Agile development

Using Agile software development approach we are able to deliver early and continually improve the code through adaptive planning and evolutionary development.


Massive in-house embedded software library

By delivering more than two hundred designs for various clients we have created a large number of proven and tested embedded software components available for reuse. These include low level drivers, stacks, algorithms etc.


Code review / audit

By regularly doing systematic examination of source code we are able to find mistakes overlooked in the initial development phase. With periodic code audits we discover bugs, security breaches or violations of programming conventions, thus improving the overall quality of software.


Mechanical Engineering

Design for manufacturability (DFM)

The BOM cost is only one side of the price puzzle. Even the cleverest designs can go over budget if manufacturing involves a lot of manual labour or if quality is difficult to control. That is why we place a strong focus on DFM right from the start by trying to reduce the amount of manual labour needed for the assembly and quality control.


Rapid prototyping

Prototyping the enclosure is just as important as prototyping the electronic circuits. Using our in-house equipment we test ideas in no time.


Packaging design

Not only do we design the enclosure but also the whole packaging for the product. Besides having appealing design, sometimes products need to be transported over long distances, we will make sure the packaging keeps the product safe during shipping.