Project Description

uniGluko – Diabetes measurement system

Byte Lab has been a part of Research and Development team for uniGluko, a three component system that measures blood sugar for diabetics.


uniGluko Mobile

uniGluko Mobile device and application are intended for personal diabetes control. The device is small and has discreet design, a mobile application is simple and intuitive and allows you to enter additional information about diet, activity and therapy.


uniGluko Clinic

The doctor can now be fully devoted to the patient, using the pre-synchronized data. Upon arrival at the clinic, along with the patient admission, the nurse will synchronize the data from the glucometer. The result is more time for the patient, better control of the disease and higher quality of life for nearly 400,000 people with diabetes.


uniGluko CLOUD

All measurement results that are collected using uniGluko devices are stored in uniGluko CLOUD platform. uniGluko CLOUD allows generating medical alarms and remote patient monitoring.With uniGluko CLOUD all the data are in one place, making it possible to conduct clinical studies and control the cost of diabetes in real time.

Byte Lab has been a part of Research and Development team in this project. Visit uniGluko’s web site to get more information.