Project Description


The Smartest solution for vending business

Televend is a total vending telemetry, sales and marketing solution that makes vending businesses smart, interactive and manageable online. It consists of a device that is physically installed inside the vending machine. The device allows the owner to collect and monitor all important data.

televend device

The device – Installed inside the vending machine, it gathers important activity data.

From the very start of Televend, we have been proud partners with INTIS. We developed all electrical modules for this amazing product. Televend is an excellent example of our expertise in designing robust industrial electronics where reliability is a top priority. The best proof of our success is the fact that more than 15 000
vending machines have been equipped with the Televend system.

We also played a huge role in the development of test fixtures for quality control during production and as advisors on the embedded firmware.

We chose to work with Byte Lab because they have great experience with hardware design and electronics manufacturing technology.

Zdenko Brlečić, Technical Manager

Reliable long-term partnership


Over 15 000 vending machines equipped


Robust industrial design


Embedded software consulting

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