Project Description

SmartLock – Integrating wireless technologies into a lock

Smart mobility module

An asset management company EC-IS approached us with a request to integrate multiple wireless radio technologies into a small lock. The idea was to replace mechanical cylinder with an electric motor which opens the possibility to use a digital key that can be transferred between users.

Our solution is now used by the Nordic Semiconductor to showcase products based on their Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

The challenge was to develop a very compact electronic module with the following functionalities:

We have successfully delivered design in only 40 days time!



EC-IS was able to demonstrate its product to customers shortly after they started development planning.
Byte Lab developed a whole range of products for EC-IS after the first successful partnership.
Before the products could be sold in the EU market, Byte Lab managed the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) certification of all the products it has developed for EC-IS.
These product are now on the market under brand name SmartMobilitySolution.