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We will help you develop your RFID / NFC solution

Byte Lab provides you complete solution based on our RFID/NFC expertise

Eco Mobile Truck

You have a problem which can be solved with RFID technology?

For example, our ECOMOBILE system is a solution which solves the problem of pricing users based on the amount of waste they present for collection. Each garbage bin is assigned a unique RFID tag which is read by the garbage truck during collection.

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Custom hardware and software development with RFID/NFC technology

We don’t offer only RFID readers but turnkey solution for your application. Our solution includes complete electronic product design involving hardware, software and mechanical engineering of your RFID-enabled system.

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RFID integration into your existing system

Our RFID readers can communicate over multiple interfaces like RS-485, RS-232, CAN, Ethernet, USB, WiFi and other wireless technologies. This allows us to integrate or upgrade RFID solution of your choice into your existing system.


Industry 4.0  /  Inventory control  /  Asset Management  /  Access control  /  Logistics

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