Project Description

Numerical control machine system

Designed for automation of machine tools that are operated by abstract commands encoded into a embedded computer.

Numerical control machine system

The system can be applied on existing tools with few modifications: tools need to be eqquiped with electric motors and custom control circuitry is mandatory. Our numerical control machine system is specially designed for automation of industrial saw for aluminium cutting. It enables automated cutting of aluminium parts to desired length. Operator enters the desired length (to 1/10 of mm) on wired remote console, and system automatically adjusts the cutting length.

The complete system is composed of:

  • industrial cutting saw
  • linear axis 3000mm
  • stepper motor (holding torque 8.5Nm, step angle degree of 1.8°)
  • control circuitry
  • 19″ rack casing
Numerical control circuit

Control circuitry is designed to work in harsh industrial enviroment and it is enclosed in 19″ rack casing. On power up system executes a reference run to get to know position. After that operator can use wired console to set the system to desired cutting length. Wired remote console contains 4×4 matrix keypad for user input and 16×2 alphanumerical LCD for displaying information. The console is used to adjust the settings of system (stepper motor speed, reference point, working area) and to operate the system once it is configured.

Control circuitry contains:

  • stepper motor driver
  • wired remote console with matrix keypad and LCD
  • embedded computer system
  • power supply