Project Description

Location tracking – ByteTrack

Tracking solution tailored for your application


When selecting a tracking solution for your application, you don’t have to make compromises. You can rely on ByteLab’s experience and flexibility to provide you with a customized solution which best fits your application.

Possibilities of tracking are enormous, here are some of the examples:

  • Vehicle tracking (Cars / Motorbikes / Trucks / Work machines / Boats)
  • Non-powered movable objects (Bicycles / Luggage / Valuable assets)
  • Personal tracking (Workers / Children / Elderly people)
  • Object tracking (Containers / Working equipment / Trailers / Livestock)

Electronic module can be minimized so it can be applied and fits in almost any casing or application without excluding any of its functions.

ByteTrack can be extremely small with dimensions of 28mm x 25mm

Our application offers:

ByteTrack has multiple applications:

Byte Track Fliped