Project Description


Unlocking doors the smarter way

Kisi is a physical access control system for businesses that allows users to securely unlock doors using a smartphone. Unlike standard keyless systems which work
only with RFID or NFC cards, with KISI all you need is a smartphone.

Kisi Animation

Access made easy

Some people like to use their phone for everything, others don’t. Others would like a temporary link to not have to pick up a card. Depending on use-case and preference Kisi gives you flexible yet secure options to give access to your facility.

Unlocking the door with the phone – Pull up the app and press a button – or tap your phone like a card against a Kisi Pro Reader so you don’t have to even open the phone.

Kisi chose Byte Lab to design electronic modules for their access-control system.

Kisi Pro Proximity Wall Reader is a good example of a compact, highly integrated electronic device. The device is powered via an Ethernet cable using PoE technology. It connects to the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet, communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0. and reads NFC cards using the integrated antenna on the front of the device.

Thanks to our skillful engineering the Electric Imp company, a very important player in the world of IoT, chose us as their Product Design partner.

Byte Lab develops hardware for our access-control system. It functions perfectly.

Bernhard Mehl, Kisi CEO

Kisi overview

I. Unlock all doors using the Kisi app or NFC pass

II. Cloud-based physical access control

III. Kisi unlocks doors using location-aware Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC connectivity

IV. Connects gates, doors, and elevators to the central access management dashboard

Kisi connects to all commercial grade electronic locks.


Visit Kisi’s web site to get more information.