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IoT from concept to manufacturing

Byte Lab offers you a complete Internet of Things product development


Connect your product to the internet using a cellular network

For mobile devices or devices operating at remote locations the easiest way to connect to the internet is by using an existing cellular network. Internet access if realized with a 2G (GPRS) or a newer 3G/LTE modem together with s SIM card which is provided by the network operator.

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Connect your product to the internet using low-power network like LoRa Wireless

How long does the battery of your smartphone lasts? One of the reasons for low battery life is the power consumption of the cellular 2G/3G modems. For some application, a batter approach is to use a LWPAN network like LoRa which allows multiple low power devices to connect to a central concentrator with internet access.

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Connect your product to the internet with Ethernet or WiFi

When LAN cable or WiFi signal is accessible, this is the most straightforward way.

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SIM cards are bulky, use SIM on Chip instead

For compact products, SIM cards together with card holders take up a lot of space and need a way to be exchanged. For these applications we recommend SIM on Chip. Byte Lab works with Tele2, a provider of SIM on Chip for the whole EU region.


Add tracking capability with GPS

Easily make your mobile product location aware with the addition of a GPS receiver. Byte Lab uses Assisted-GPS technology which speeds up GPS lock time by retrieving satellite information over the internet. This is especially important for mobile applications where GPS antenna is not always optimally positioned.

Device firmware update over the internet

Let your product always have an up-to-date firmware by providing an option to update the firmware over the internet. We developed dozens of different bootloaders which we will embed into your product.


Building & home automation / Remote telemetry / Smart cities / Manufacturing / Wearables / Health care

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