Project Description

Bluetooth Smart / Low energy / 4.0 technology

Let experts design your next Bluetooth Low Energy enabled product.

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Electronic product design tailored for your application with integrated Bluetooth 4.0 technology

We offer you custom hardware and software design for your next Bluetooth enabled product. Work with experts who already helped companies lunch their Bluetooth enabled products to the market.

Coding standard

Software development of a custom Bluetooth profile compatible with BLE 4.0 specification

Your product will easily connect to every Bluetooth compatible device on the market like smartphones, sensors etc.

Typing on smartphone

Device firmware update directly from your smartphone app

Let your product always have an up-to-date firmware by providing the users with an easy way to update the device directly from the smartphone application.

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Support during product certification of a Bluetooth based device

Before you can sell your Bluetooth 4.0 product it must comply with regulatory requirements of the FCC (USA) and European Commission (EU). Additionally, for Bluetooth devices there is a need for Bluetooth Compliance and Certification. Byte Lab has successfully completed certification process of Bluetooth based products and will help you in the process.


iBeacon – Indoor Navigation  /  Wireless health sensors  /  Asset tracking  /  Smartphone connectivity  /  Sensors with smartphone connectivity  /  M2M communication  /  Internet of Things connectivity  /  Low Power systemes

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