Project Description


The ultimate bicycle anti-theft solution


Byte Lab has developed with its partner B.guard, GPS tracking and Bluetooth connected product that lets you enjoy your activities without worrying about your bike safety. System mounts on rear wheel in a way that can’t be removed by a thief. To remove the whole wheel, a special coded key must be used. After installing B.GUARD, can park your bike, arm the device through your smartphone app and go enjoy your activities.

In the case of a theft attempt, you will be alerted on your smartphone/tablet/desktop computer. GPS tracking will start immediately showing the location of your bike on a map in real-time while sounding a loud alarm to alert those in the area.

Dimensions: 150 x 20 mm

Weight: 350 gr

Key features

Byte Lab is Research and Development partner in this project. Visit B.Guard’s web site to get more information.