Project Description


Byte Lab had developed Digital LCD Anemometer and Digital USB Anemometer

Digital Anemometer

Digital LCD Anemometer

This product has been developed in robust case and it can measure the wind from 3 to 200 km/h. It has been successfully tested with over a 500 meters of cable.

Anemometer uses alphanumeric LCD to display data. The display lists the current wind speed, set speed which triggers relays and the status of these relays. The device is powered by 12 VDC with a maximum power consumption of 100mA.

It activates output relay when the current speed exceeds the default value. The output remains active until the speed drops below the set point. There are two relay outputs and two different values at which the outputs trigger.

Speed adjustment to activate the output is achieved by pressing the Mode button which cyclically changes modes. Normal Mode – Set the first speed – Set the second speed – Normal mode…


Key features:

  • High quality rotor with three blades attached to the bracket of stainless steel
  • Robust body -based on Delrin (Polyoxymethylene) and bearings based on bronze and Rulon
  • Leveled aluminum bracket with two mounting holes
  • Magnetic sensor and magnet to obtain one pulse per rotation
  • Measuring range 3-200 km/h, resolution 0.1 km/h
  • Power supply 12V, 100mA
  • Relay 230V , 16A (activation at a given speed)
USB Anemometer

USB Anemometer

This product is similar but with USB case which performs further processing , visual representation (analogous, digital, graphic) and Data Storage.

For the purpose of the device special software was developed that allows analogous and digital display of the current wind speed, average speed with adjustable time period for calculating the average value, the time display wind speed and the ability to sound an alarm and alert by sending an e-mail when speed grows default critical value.