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About us

Byte Lab is an independent engineering company focused on embedded system development. We can offer you a complete solution, from idea to final product. As your design partner, we provide expertise and experience, offer our support during the development of the final product (body design, support during certification and standardization, organization of production…).

We apply specific approach and optimal solution achieved through partnership in each project with you as our partner and client.

How we started?

Byte Lab was founded by Danijel Babic and Matija Puskar, two friends who started playing with electronics back in Elementary School. After graduating at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing they started a company focused on development and innovations in area of electronics and embedded systems. Few years later, Ivan Dodig their Faculty colleague joined in and today they represent a Board of Directors.


We have constant boost in number of employees, partners and finally new project. Our customers and partners are both small and medium-sized businesses as well as state-owned company and Research and Development (R&D) departments in large companies. After successfully completing over one hundred projects all over the world we have become reliable and advisable partner who can tackle even the most complex design requirements.

Byte Lab

Our Mission

Turn our clients electronic product idea into reality. Professionally, fast and with highest quality standards.

Our Philosophy

Working closely with in-house teams, we are able to focus on your demands and move fast from  idea to prototyping and production stage.

Our Promise

Collaborating with us will save you your valuable time and resources.

Our Skills

Embedded design 100
Product manufacturing 100
Embedded Linux 100
Real Time Operating System 100
Firmware development (C / C++) 100
Cloud Solutions 100

Board of Directors

Danijel Babic
Danijel BabicM.Sc. CS
With over 10 years of embedded development experience, Danijel is Head of Embedded Software Department. He is highly skilled at C / C++ programming which includes low level device drivers, communication protocols and RTOS applications. Additional skills include embedded Linux, server and network administration. Danijel is also a great project manager and team leader.
Ivan Dodig
Ivan DodigM.Sc.EE
Ivan is an experienced electrical engineer and Head of the Embedded Hardware department. During his faculty days he was awarded first place award from the Siemens company for the best student project in the field of industry. He managed the development of electronic systems now installed all over the world. He has strong background in design of robust industrial electronic systems.
Matija Puskar
Matija PuskarM.Sc.EE
Matija is an experienced electrical engineer. Being responsible for system integration, he directly coordinates all development in Byte Lab. He is an expert in embedded system design and has in-depth understanding of the printed circuit board technology. Matija started pursuing his passion for engineering while still in elementary school and has become a great team leader and mentor.