Located in Zagreb, Byte Lab is a technology company specialized in design of embedded systems. The products we envisioned and developed found their way into businesses across three continents.

One of these products is EcoMobile – Waste management solution which allows for pay-as-you-throw billing of municipal waste. It is now installed on waste collection vehicles in more than 20 cities.

Smart Meters are another product we offer, they allow automatic readout of analog water and gas meters. Developed for extreme low power operation, they run from a tiny solar cell for years.

Because of the experience from more than a hundred successfully delivered electronic systems, companies like 3M (Minnesota US), ABUS (Germany) and Ridley (Belgium) trust in our ability to deliver top-class engineering.

You would be joining a team of enthusiastic and experienced software engineers working in relaxed atmosphere. Your daily tasks would involve firmware development for Cortex-M ARM devices, including low level device drivers, custom bootloaders, communication protocols and RTOS applications.

Your working environment would be a laboratory filled with instruments and measurement equipment. Various development kits, programmers and debuggers for embedded development would be at your disposal. Our hardware department and in-house developed software libraries would allow you to develop complex firmware and to test ideas and concepts quickly.

You should be familiar with the following terms: ARM Cortex microcontroller, Bootloader, Embedded Linux, Bluetooth Low Energy, AT commands, Ethernet stack, USB HID, RS232/485, SPI, I2C, CAN bus etc.

Professional requirements and responsibilities:

  • Degree in computer / electrical engineering
  • Experience with embedded software development
  • Proficiency in C (C++ is advantage)
  • Experience in communication protocol design
  • Good knowledge of RTOS
  • Good English language skills

Personal requirements:

  • You are independent but enjoy working as part of a team
  • You are passionate about programming and love creating things
  • You take initiative

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary (paid overtime)
  • Indefinite employment contract
  • Employee education through seminars, webinars, fairs and literature
  • Flexible working hours
  • Ergonomic chair, big desk and dual monitors

You could be a potential new member of our team if you can readily answer the following questions and are willing to undergo further technical examination which would take place before and during the interview.

List of questions:

  • What is interrupt latency and what does it depend on?
  • What is the difference between open collector and push-pull output?
  • What is the difference between macro and inline function?
  • What is the maximum frequency of PWM signal on a processor running at 12 MHz (timer has no prescaler) with 12-bit PWM resolution?


To apply, please send us your CV with work experience to 

  • Software department 01
  • Hardware department 04
  • Embedded Touch Panel Controller 01