If you think it was unreasonable then convince her in the nicest way and tell her why you want to do it. Don't take too long to make your move or someone else will take it. Add a necklace or a bracelet to put up with the look. And then I F'ing meet you and you're like let's go see some weird ass indie flick that's in Swahili (Holy crap, I spelled that word right on the first try?!!! Try and do something funny that always works. This is one of the many erogenous zones that can be found on a woman's body. Don't make a bad impression even if you look good most of the time. It can be a business suit,a nurse outfit,or a sexy spy costume or others like a french maid costume and etc. Try to be as honest as possible to your date, otherwise it could come back and bite you later on if it does end up working out between you two. Think of some things that your partner accepts about you. She might not just like you as something more than a friend. Don't always choose someone just because they are hot, make sure you are able to talk to them (although a hot girl is cool... Don't talk about other girls. If she is wearing a skirt or dress she will probably appreciate the warmth of your hand on her soft skin. Be aware however, that this may not reflect any personal growth work a person may have done. More to the point, a person with a sense of humor is definitely the preferable choice for a lifelong commitment over a grouch! Which one would you want to spend time with, what about them makes you smile? This should trigger their jealous senses. Avoid complaining or whining best free dating sites as a form of talking. Get to know her. Don't get in the 'I'm in an instant relationship' mentality, because it will scare him, she says. Or just too dull, too quiet, too loud, too macho, too meek, or just not your type? Keep the relationship under wraps. Be open and honest. Most times you will know. is another nice line. Don't try too hard to make the guy like you. Say that we are beautiful or gorgeous or pretty. The downside is the continued proximity and the wagging tongues; it can also be harder down the track if you're both in the same workplace, married, and going for the same promotion but that's something to contend with later on.