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Rigol Technologies, Inc. introduces the DG1000Z series Waveform Generators, adding to its extensive portfolio of feature rich test and measurement equipment. Powered by Rigol’s innovative SiFi technology, the DG1000Z is ideal for low frequency testing applications requiring high signal fidelity, low noise floor and long arbitrary waveform length. The 2 channel DG1000Z series features Best-In-Class memory depth of 8Mpts (16 Mpts. optional) to facilitate deeper, more intricate arbitrary waveforms and includes up to 160 built-in waveforms for quick and easy access to more predefined signals. These generators provide +/-1ppm frequency stability and -125dBc/Hz phase noise for high signal fidelity and low noise, predictable signal generation. The DG1000Z series delivers up to 200 MSa/s sample rate and 14 bits vertical resolution allowing users to achieve fine resolution and signal detail while emulating small voltage changes on a large output range. Available in two models, DG1032Z (30MHz) and DG1062Z (60MHz), these generators offer a wide range of modulations including AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK and PWM.

Rigol DG1000ZRigol DG1000Z


  • Up to 200 MSa/s Sample Rate
  • 14 bits vertical resolution
  • 8 MPts standard; 16 MPts optional Memory Depth
  • Up to 160 built-in waveforms
  • ±1ppm frequency stability, -125dBc/Hz phase noise


Bandwidth 60 MHz 30 MHz
Channels 2 2
Accuracy 14 bit 14 bit
Sampling rate 200 MS/s 200 MS/s

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