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Rigol DG1000 series function/arbitrary waveform generators use Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology. They can generate accurate, stable, clean, low distortion signals.

Rigol DG1000Rigol DG1000


  • Generators up to 25 MHz (5 MHz max square wave)
  • 2 output channels
  • Advanced Direct Digital Synthesis(DDS) technology
  • Monochrome LCD display
  • 3.5 standard waveforms and DC outputs. 48 preset arbitrary waveforms, 10 groups of 4kpts arbitrary waveforms.
  • Multi modulation functions: AM, FM, PM, PWM, FSK, and linear/logarithm Sweep and Pulse train waveform outputs
  • Connectivity: USB Host, USB Device.


Channels 2 2
Frequency 20 MHz 25 MHz

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