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Rigol’s new DSA800 series spectrum analyzers redefine the product category by setting new standards for performance and price. The DSA800 family features a unique widescreen display, compact design and easy-to-use interface and operations, making it ideal for benchtop or field apps in RF and wireless testing and production. The new spectrum analyzer offers the ability to measure smaller signals using our digital IF filter, which allows for smaller bandwidth settings and reduces displayed noise levels. The DSA815 also distinguishes between signals with a frequency difference as little as 100 Hz. The DSA832 and DSA875 have RBW settable down to 10 Hz and a DANL (displayed average noise level) down to -161 dBm (typical). In addition, Rigol offers great options including an EMI filter and quasi-peak detector kit, and tracking generator for all of these models. A Preamplifier is standard on the DSA815, but is an option on the DSA832 or DSA875. Whether your application is radio verification at 455 MHz or monitoring the 3rd harmonic of 2.4 GHz signals find the right spectrum analyzer in the updated DSA800 family.

Rigol DSA800Rigol DSA800


  • 9 kHz to 1.5, 3.2, or 7.5 GHz Frequency Range
  • Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) normalized to 1 Hz ranging from -135 dBm to -161 dBm typical
  • -80 to -98 dBc/Hz @10 kHz offset Phase Noise
  • Total Amplitude Uncertainty from <1.5 dB to <0.8 dB nominal[/list_item] [list_item]100 or 10 Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) available[/list_item] [/circle_list] [h3]Pricing[/h3] [uds-pricing-table name="Rigol DSA800_1"] [uds-pricing-table name="Rigol DSA800_2"] All prices exclude VAT.