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DSA1000 series is a powerful economic spectrum analyzer with premium performance for bench and field applications. Our use of digital IF technology guarantees the reliability and performance required to meet the most demanding RF applications. With its exceptional value for the price it is widely used in electronic manufacture, maintenance, RF education, and R&D.

Rigol DSA1000Rigol DSA1000


  • 2 and 3 GHz frequency models available
  • All digital IF Design
  • 100 Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth
  • Unique Widescreen Display and VGA output
  • Save thousands of measurements and system configurations with 1 GB of internal storage
  • Options including Tracking Generator, Battery, Advanced Measurements, PreAmplifier, and Case


Frequency range 9 kHZ to 3 GHz 9 kHZ to 3 GHz 9kHz – 3GHz 9kHz – 3GHz
Tracking Generator

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