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The DS6000 Series Digital Oscilloscopes have up to 1 GHz Bandwidth and 1.5GHz bandwidth differential and single-ended active probes (model RP7150). These new products are designed and produced by RIGOL with many key technological breakthroughs designed to reduce engineers search time through research, development, and failure analysis applications. Detecting signal and device characteristics is now easier than ever with the most advanced digital oscilloscope platform in its class.

Rigol DS6000Rigol DS6000


  • Up to 4 Analog Channels
  • Up to 1 GHz Bandwidth
  • 5 GSa/s(single channel mode), 2.5 GSa/s(dual channel mode)
  • Vertical sensitivity 2 mV/div – 10V/div
  • Vertical resolution 8 bits
  • 140 Million Memory Points Standard
  • 180,000 Waveforms per Second Acquisition
  • 180,000 Frames Recording Capability
  • Trigger modes: edge, pulse width, slope, video, RS-232, I2C, SPI, and CAN (serial data trigger modes are standard, but on-board decoding requires the related options)


Bandwidth 1 GHz 1 GHz 600 MHz 600 MHz
Analog Channels 4 2 4 2
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