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The DS1000CA Series Digital Oscilloscopes set a new standard for technology and capability. With features including 2GSa/s sample rate, FFTs, record and replay, roll mode, alternate trigger mode, adjustable trigger sensitivity, and PictBridge printing the DS1000CA is the new bench standard.

Rigol DS1000CARigol DS1000CA


  • 2 Analog channels plus external trigger
  • Up to 300MHz bandwidth
  • 2GSa/s real-time sample rate and 50GSa/s equivalent-time sample rate.
  • Up to 2000wfms/s waveform update rate
  • 5.7” TFT QVGA (320X240) with 64K color LCD backlit display
  • Trigger modes: edge, pulse width, slope, video, pattern, continuous time, and alternate


Bandwidth 300 MHz 200 MHz 100 MHz 70 MHz
Analog Channels 2 2 2 2

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