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Automatic platform stabilisation

Platform controller is electronics device which enables controlling of four DC motors and powering of two separate devices with voltage regulated power sources. Devices besides controlling motors enables voltage and current monitoring of each motor, measurement of total current and current of regulated power sources.

Communication with PC

Device is connecting to PC through RS232 interface using standard serial cable and communication is done via corresponding serial port. All commands are send to device using ASCII characters only by following protocol that device implements.
Serial connection parameters (9600, 8, N, 1)

  • Baud rate:9600 kbps
  • Parity: None
  • Data bits: 8
  • Stop bit: 1
Key features
  • Power: 12V – 25V DC regulated (maximal 30A)
  • Controlling of four DC motors (maximal 5A per motor)
  • Measurement of total current and voltage, measurement of motor and regulated power source currents
  • Regulated power sources: +12V/5A (60W), +5V/5A (25W)
  • Control of sound signalization (buzzer)
  • RS232 interface