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System for EMC and Temperature Testing of Integrated Circuits

Development and testing of integrated circuits with the advancement of technology and reduction of the size of transistors at the nanometer scale is becoming increasingly challenging and complex for an evaluation. Increased integration leads to significant problems for removal of excessive heat from very small areas. For this reason it is important to know the characteristics of integrated circuits at high temperatures in order to be able to accurately model the processes that directly affect the reliable and sustained operation of integrated circuits in temperature-demanding conditions.

Due to the aforementioned problems, this work primarily covers temperature tests of simple integrated circuits.Testing is conducted by means of selective heating of individual heaters on the silicon chip, achieving controlled heating in an environment that can be mathematically modelled. Feedback is obtained through a number of strategically positioned diodes integrated on the silicon chip.The system allows control of the heaters, signal conditioning and digitizing of analog signals from the diodes, which is linearly dependent on the temperature of the diode itself. For digitizing the signal, an analog-digital converter of high resolution is used (18 bit) with a reference source of high accuracy and stability (3 ppm / ° C).

For testing integrated circuits on a test chip, two delay lines (0-255 ns) are implemented and two sets of direct digital synthesis with the possibility to regulate the frequency (up to 37,5 MHz) and phase. The connection to the personal computer is realized by USB interface, allowing a simple and wide use. Software developed for this specific system enables control testing procedures as well as rapid analysis, processing and visualization of data collected during testing.