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SeaDevil AUV

SeaDevil is Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) designed to perform various tasks using custom electronic circuits, array of sensors, on board computer and powerful battery cells. Highly hydrodinamic body of AUV is composed mainly of carbon kevlar composite with steel reinforced ribs which enables diveing to depths up to 150m while maintaining low mass and high maneuverability. AUV is powered by four high capacity (90Ah) LiFeYPO4 battery cells which can provide high current output to power AUV propulsion system while ensuring long autonomy. AUV is expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Speed of lateral movement of at least 0.5m/s
  • low mass of vehicle (35 kg)
  • working depth up to 150m
  • autonomy of 8 hours
  • dynamic positioning
  • high manoeuvrability (6 degrees of freedom)
  • high speed of data processing
  • modularity
  • simple maintaince

Such AUV demanded development of custom electronic modules which enables maneuvering of AUV, battery management and data acquisition from sensors. Crucial requirement in development of this system was modularity of whole system which is achieved by using standard modules. Each module has its own role in submarine system, and if necessary it can be easily replaced by other modules. Beside the need of developing hardware there is a need to develop a software for embedded systems and on board computer which will enable data analysis from sensors and control over the AUV. Hardware is composed of motherboard where several modules can be attached. Modules are separated by their function, so each module can perform specific task. For now there are four types of modules that can be attached to motherboard: Module for controlling electrical motors

  • >Controls two DC motors
  • Controls two digital servo motors
  • Measures current, voltage, power consumption and temperature
  • Performs autodiagnostics

Module for battery management

  • Charges LiFeYPo4 batteries
  • Implements battery management (cell balancing, over and under voltage protection)

Module for hydrophone monitoring

  • Location tracking using hydrophones and triangulation

Module for analog measurement

  • Precise measurement of analog signals (current, voltage, pressure)


  • Performs diagnostics of all attached modules
  • Communicates with on board computer and modules
  • Enables mechanical and electrical bonding of all modules with motherboard

Special care in designing printed circuit board (PCB) is devoted to heat dissipation and topology of conductor wires to avoid problems relating to overheating and electromagnetic interference which can lead to irregular operation of system. Motherboard contains circuitry to perform diagnostics on all modules which is able to disconnect power from faulty modules in order to preserve integrity of AUV. AUV propulsion system

  • Four azimuth thrusters for thrust vectoring
  • Two bow thrusters for pitch control
  • Four high torques DC motors (Speed 900) for azimuth trhuster
  • For RC servo motors (Futaba S3010) for azimuth thrusters
  • Two medium torque DC motors for bow thrusters

On board sensors

  • High precision pressure sensor
  • Several temperature sensors
  • Inertial Navigation System (INS)
  • Voltage sensors for each battery cell
  • Current sensors for each electrical motor and whole battery pack
  • Three hydrophones (TC4013)
  • Two industrial HD cameras (BlueFox)