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Special Numeric Control

SCNC finds it’s application in CNC machines, process automation and in many motorized systems.


SCNC is a device that allows the control of stepper motors. SCNC enables simultaneous control of four stepper motors with independent speed and direction of rotation, and allows the usage of external sensors and loads up to 2kW. The module can work independently or in collaboration with the computer. Communication between the device and computer is done via RS-232 interface, which provides reliable communication even over long distances, which is particularly suited to industrial applications.

To simplify integration into existing systems, power supply of motors and electronics is separated and a special attention was paid to PCB design in order to avoid problems caused by electromagnetic interference.

In order to provide complete control of the system special control software was developed. User controls the system using computer by setting parameters such as: speed of motor, direction of rotation, number of steps and mode of operation. These parameters are passed via serial interface to the device which forms the appropriate control signals to drive the motors.


Device enables simple and reliable control of bipolar stepper motors, with ease of use and simple installation by the user. System find it main application in CNC machines, but also in highly specialized applications such as the precise spatial positioning of the sensors.

  • 4 stepper motor driver
  • 15A current per motor
  • 16A, 230V reley output
  • RS232 interface