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Project Portfolio


SeaDevil AUVSeaDevil AUV

SeaDevil AUV

SeaDevil is Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) designed to perform various tasks using custom electronic circuits, array of sensors, on board computer and powerful battery cells.



System for EMC and Temperature Testing of Integrated Circuits

Human Error (Wireless MCS)Human Error (Wireless MCS)

Human Error (Wireless MCS)

As a part of Human Error project, Motion Capture System is used as an instrument which transforms body movements into sounds.

Motion Capture SystemMotion Capture System

Motion Capture System

Motion Capture System is a system based on great number of small accelerometers. System can be applied in medicine where it enables monitoring of acceleration and trajectory of key body parts.

Numerical control machine systemNumerical control machine system

Numerical control machine system

Numerical control machine system is designed for automation of machine tools that are operated by abstract commands encoded into an embedded computer.

Automatic platform stabilisationAutomatic platform stabilisation

Automatic platform stabilisation

Platform controller is electronics device which enables controlling of four DC motors and powering of two separate devices with voltage regulated power sources.

3D Digitizer3D Digitizer

3D Digitizer

Digitizer is a device that enables the recording of the object surface and its reconstruction on a computer as a cloud of dots.

Special Numeric ControlSpecial Numeric Control

Special Numeric Control

SCNC finds it’s application in CNC machines, process automation and in many motorized systems.

RGB AdvertisementRGB Advertisement

RGB Advertisement

LED advertisement, total length 25m illuminated by RGB LED modules of 1000W total power with custom developed 24-channel RGB LED controller.