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Motion Capture System (MCS)

Motion Capture System is a system based on great number of small accelerometers. System can be applied in medicine where it enables monitoring of acceleration and trajectory of key body parts.


System is based on usage of three axis accelerometers. Accelerometry has found its application in walk analysis of patients with disorder or injuries of primary locomotor system and nerves. This method generates data used for determining the state of body balance and kinematic of locomotor system enabling the discovery of quality methods to prevent falls within risk groups (older people, patients with neuromuscular disorder etc.). Data can be used for monitoring mobility of particular body parts, their acceleration and position, as well as for getting other useful information. Besides already stated, accelerometry has found its application in planning the trainings and monitoring athlete performance, controlling the performance of orthopedic aids and walk analysis of small laboratory animals.


Device is composed of three major units, unit for conversion and acquisition, accelerometers, and communication-control unit. Conversion unit is capable of sampling analog signal from 128 channels with speed of 300ksps (kilo samples per second), that is 2300 samples per second per each channel. Resolution of the each channel is 12 bit (4096 discrete levels) in analogue range from 0 to 3.3 Volts, which gives maximal resolution of 800 μV. On existing prototype 96 channels are used for sensors, while the rest of channels are used for calibration and self diagnostic of device. Sensor is based on three-axis accelerometer, which has ability to measure acceleration of all three axis in range of ±1.5g, ±2g, ±4g and ±6g (g=9.81ms-2), depending on the needs of certain application. Sensors can also be put in standby mode which enables greater autonomy with battery powered devices. Accelerometer outputs three analog values in range of 0 to 3.3V depending on acceleration and gravity. The base of communication-control unit is 8 bit microcontroller which performs 10 MIPS (million instructions per second), followed by integrated circle which communicates with computer, and reference voltage source. Microcontroller is in charge of controlling LCD (liquid crystal display), sampler system, communication with computer and self diagnostic of device. This prototype uses RS-232C protocol for communication with computer.


Device was primary designed for comparative analysis of walk prior to and after the usage of orthopedic aids. With its application we want to supplement current methods for controlling the effects of orthopedic aids like digital pedobarography.

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Uređaj se sastoji od tri cjeline – sustava za pretvorbu, tvz. „samplera“, akcelerometara, te komunikacijsko-izvršnog djela. Prva cjelina je u stanju uzeti analogne uzorke s 128 kanala brzinom od 300ksps (300 000 uzoraka u sekundi, odnosno 2300 uzorka u sekundi po pojedinom kanalu). Razlučivost pojedinog kanala iznosi 12 bita u analognom opsegu od 0 do 3.3 Volta, odnosno maksimalna rezolucija iznosi 800μV. Na postojećem prototipu korištena su 96 kanala za iščitavanje senzora, dok su ostali kanali korišteni u svrhu kalibracije, te provjere ispravnosti samog uređaja. Senzor se temelji na troosnom akcelerometru, koji ima mogućnost mjerenja akceleracije sve tri osi u opsegu ±1.5g, ±2g, ±4g, te ±6g (g=9.81ms-2), ovisno o potrebama aplikacije. Isto tako, senzor je moguće staviti u stanje „čekanja“, tvz. “sleep mode”, što omogućuje veću autonomiju baterijski napajanih uređaja. Akcelerometar na svojim izlazima (x,y,z), ovisno o akceleraciji i sili teži, daje analognu vrijednost od 0 do 3.3 Volti. Baza komunikacijsko-upravljačke jedinice je 8 bitni mikrokontroler brzine 10MIPS-a (million instructions per second), popraćen integriranim krugom koji komunicira s računalom, te referentnim izvorom napajanja. Mikrokontroler je zadužen za upravljanje LC ekranom, sustavom za pretvorbu, komunikaciju s računalom, te za provjeru ispravnosti uređaja. Ovaj prototip koristi protokol RS-232C za komunikaciju a računalom.