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Human Error (Wireless MCS)

Collaboraton between Marija Šćekić (Histeria Nova) and Byte Lab has began with a process of creating dance project “Human Error” which demanded development of wireless Motion Capture System (MCS).

Motion Capture System, developed by Byte Lab is a system based on great number of small accelerometers. The system can be applied in medicine where it enables monitoring of acceleration and trajectory of key body parts. Accelerometry has found its applications in patient walk analysis with disorder or injuries of primary locomotor system and nerves.

The whole system is located on a body – from sensors to module which acquires data from them and wirelessly transmits them to a computer. Sensors record every movement, as they are placed on a key body parts – joints, wrists, legs, spine…

Knowing the location of each sensor on a body, computer can use acquired data to reconstruct each body movement and record motion. Movement of certain body part in some direction generates sound and intensity of that movement determines the intensity of generated sound.

As a part of Human Error project, Motion Capture System is used as an instrument which transforms body movements into sounds. This way, the performer is provided with a possibility to create sound directly on a stage through their body movement, which introduces additional dynamics to performance.

Technical info:

  • data sampled 100 times per second
  • wireless transmission – FSK modulated @ 868 MHz  
  • transmission range up to 150m
  • battery powered (30mA@ 3.6V) when fully operational

Watch the video “Making of Human Error project”