Make sure u dont get the guy 2 jealouse or your heads gone. Avoid complaining or whining as a form of talking. Whatever her answer, ask if you can test this out. The positive thing is that even if a relationship doesn't work out you can always learn from it. Not only is people not funny, it will also have her wondering if you'll turn on her next. Don't let them know what you're doing. Do concentrate on the written word. Choose a welcoming photo not a mug shot. How ever busy you maybe one message saying ill call you back as soon as I get free I love you might actually save you from the fights that would take place if you ignored her. Watch: Girls like watches and they want it to match with her outfits. It can be stilletos,studded shoes or boots. Decide which one of the options would make you a better person. If she does something make sure you acknowledge it. If it's novel and exciting, it's bound to make her laugh. As long it expressed what you feel. Laughter will come by itself if both of you are relaxed and enjoying each other's company. Yes, you will feel cheesy, and he might think so too, but if he's hot... It might sound obvious, but be sure to post a terrific photo of yourself. Don't try to be someone your not. Humor is ultimately easier and more likely to work for you than reams of jokes made up by people. Say to yourself I can do this, I'm the best she'll ever get. Plan your jokes, responses, and acts before the date, not just ad-libbing them as you go. If you are the nervous type and might stutter or get sweaty and don't know how best online dating to express yourself too well, you may want to write an instant message/text. If he really loved you he'd understand what you were getting at. Keep loose. Bathe in bath salts. Taking late-night walks, cooking a fancy dinner at home, and writing love letters are just a few things you can do to keep your hopelessly romantic partner happy without breaking the bank. In the days before a date, take time out to catch up with current events and hot topics.