Know that it is totally fine to be a virgin. If your school has a strict uniform policy, try to spice it up by adding a cute belt to your pants and by adding jewellery. Women are looking for (in order): Personality, sense of humor, common interests, intelligence, cleanliness, looks, sexiness, getting to know the man through a friend, voice, spirituality, profession, money, talent, and finally, religion. Suggest a range of different things of interest to you, and also do things of interest to your date, and see how their level of enthusiasm (or lack of it) leaves you feeling. Don't say best dating sites anything funny about her! Candle light: take her for a candle light or call her at your place when nobody there and order food from outside. Go to places where you're likely to meet people who are like-minded. If you really want to kiss him, go ahead. Make sure that, even though you are dating your neighbor you still offer the same kind of privacy and courtesy as you would any other neighbor. You learn so much more from a person's manner and demeanor - whether he makes eye contact, her tone when she speaks, how often she smiles. I heard about your success at [work/study/sport, etc.] this week. Chocolates: A way to a girls heart is through her stomach. Don't go out every day. You can have her sit and lean with her back against you. You like this girl and you want to get to know her. Say that we are beautiful or gorgeous or pretty. Go out there! Give her a fresh bouquet with a hand written letter. It's not worth it if he cannot talk to you. You'd be surprised how often dates turn up without showering. Spa: Give her a spa when she complaints about work and needs a well deserve break. Don't try to be who you're not--it will soon backfire and it will also be very uncomfortable for you. If the girl seriously doesn't like you after this, just wait. Like a monogrammed bathrobe, your most romantic conversation starters will have your date's name written all over them. This should trigger their jealous senses.