Don't try too hard to make the guy like you. How to Ask a Girl Out By Love Letter. Be sure not to seem to clingy. No reaction still? If she has longer hair try brushing her hair back with your fingers and make sure you gently touch her ear as you do so. Find out which traits of his girlfriend's that he likes/doesn't like. What if this guy is a total weirdo? Don't give away any information that may help her figure out how old you are. If you really have given up on meeting people the old fashion way you might want to refer to the electronic way and I'm not talking about facebook, and myspace is I'm talking about eHarmony, match. Try looking in the following places. Being funny is innate, provided you trust your sense of humor to shine through. Be comfortable best online dating sites with your body. Don't talk about other girls. Be sure you let them know that your only interest in any of them is platonic and that you aren't trolling for dates, or trying to get over on them in any way. Items such as T-shirts can be hand-designed with a personal quote printed on to them which when worn will make them feel close to you. While still standing and holding her you may want to start by turning her head to face you and while kissing her. It's no use playing 'cute' because your boyfriend won't be able to see the true you. Be open and honest. Go to places where you're likely to meet people who are like-minded. If you are suspicious, get a new drink. Boys if you follow these steps then i'm sure you'll be guaranteed to win a first date with her... Keep your mind on your goal, not on the chance that she'll say no. After you have defined the woman of your dreams in terms of personality, body time, likes/dislikes, temper etc you move on to step three. Make sure that, even though you are dating your neighbor you still offer the same kind of privacy and courtesy as you would any other neighbor. Ladies, go easy when applying make-up and aim for a natural but groomed look. You also recognize social niceties; that is, what sort of effort he makes to ask you questions, whether she is constantly checking her phone, etc.