If she laughs at their jokes, but doesn't find yours very humorous, move along. Okay if he/she still doesn't do his part spend some best online dating site time with your friends. If they become an emotional mess, it affects their kids. Say he likes football don't pretend you all of the sudden LOVE it . Think of the kinds of things you think are funny, and try those out for yourself. Go to the beach with him. Avoid rushing into a relationship, as it may make your partner feel uncomfortable or uneasy. It totally got his attention. It's much more attractive than constantly sending out signals that you're paranoid about your butt size or your wimpy arms. It takes a mature man... When someone types the word u instead of you, do you know what I think? It might be possible to start dating despite constant close proximity. Get real - and get real early. The novelty of being picked up by a friendly, not-creepy woman is enough to make most men smile and reciprocate. Also ask yourself if you really enjoy doing the things they suggest; if you're going to spend the next 40 years going to the same horse shows your date loves but that you can't stand now, you'll need to resolve how to manage that early on! She won't like it. Be prepared to contribute to the date and excuse yourself. It's not an interview so don't ask lots of questions, let things just flow and happen organically. Don't use a selfie as your profile photo! You want to spark a romantic conversation, but you're beginning to understand that whatever your conversation skills may be, romantic conversation will require a whole new level of finesse. Then see if he/she came to his/her senses. And please stop wearing your pants so low. Letting him/her know that you need to talk with them will let them know you're serious, but don't just randomly pull them aside. If you really like her, go out there and get what you've worked for. It may surprise her in a way. Laugh it off, and make fun of your joke system failing at launch. Vaseline is useful. Tell her she looks beautiful, lovely, gorgeous, or compliment her hair, her eyes, her lips or her outfit.


Battery Managment System

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Battery Managment System

BMS is electronical device that monitors battery cells based od Litium-Ion technology. Battery cells needs to be under constant supervision in order to ensure that they are working within optimal parameters which prevents damage and ensures long service life of battery cells.
System is scalable and can work with 4 to 192 battery cells and it consists of four types of modules: PC communication module, module for measurement of electrical energy and current, module for battery cells and module for battery packs.

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