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Welcome to Byte Lab web site! Byte Lab is a company located in Zagreb, Croatia. Our main focus is on development and innovations in area of electronics and embedded systems. We are specialized for rapid development of custom hardware and software solutions. These include systems for entry control (authorization and authentication), home automation systems, drivers for electrical motors, sensor networks, battery management systems, LED controllers and many others.

Looking for great people
Byte Lab is looking for hardware and software embedded engineers. We have several positions open:
   • Junior Embedded Software Engineer
   • Senior Embedded Software Engineer
   • Senior Embedded Hardware Engineer
To apply, please send us your CV with work experience to no later than October 8th, 2015.

Hardware development

Our expertise and experience allow us to rapidly develop various hardware solutions. We can offer anything from concept and prototype design to serial manufacturing and assembly.

Software development

Developing embedded software (firmware) and PC software is part of our daily routine. We are offering complete software developing for our hardware in form of drivers or user applications.

PCB design & manufacturing

We are offering services of complete PCB design of new products or redesign of existing ones. Also, we are official representatives of PCB manufacturer Elgoline, so if you have and inquirys, feel free to contact us.


Rigol Technologies distribution

We are authorized representative of the company RIGOL Technologies, Inc.. for the Croatian Republic. RIGOL company with headquartered in Beijing, manufactures and sells electronic measurement equipment such as oscilloscopes, function generators, laboratory power supplies, spectrum analyzers, and others.

Scientist's study the world as it is; engineers create the world that has never been – Theodore von Karman